When out socially with a group, offering to buy a round of drinks in a bar or splitting a restaurant bill equally, is a common thing to do. There is nothing wrong with this.

However, because the UK is currently experiencing high inflation, many things are not as cheap as they used to be.

Buying someone or a group of people a drink is a nice thing to do, but it may also make the members of that group feel obligated to return the favour. This may be awkward as a round of drinks - or even an extra drink or two - may be expensive and unaffordable for some.

Similarly, if a restaurant bill is split equally and some people had bottles of Chardonnay while others had tap water, an additional cost is placed on the water drinker’s bill.

To keep get-togethers affordable for all, and also to keep things simple, we request that you only pay for what you have or will consume. This allows everybody to enjoy the event within their means. It may also mean that more people are able to go to the get-together because of this.

We ask you to please respect this policy. Feel free to refer to it at a get-together if and when required.