Friendship develops more effectively if you meet someone in person. However, here are a number of guidelines that should be followed:

1. Follow the current local or national restrictions relating to COVID-19

It's important that everyone is safe. Comply with any local or national lockdown restrictions. If the rules do permit you to meet, do so by abiding by the social distancing rules as well as other safety guidelines issued by the Government or your local authority.

2. If you considering meeting in person, speak to the other person on a Frindow video chat first

This is a good safety measure, but it can also save time to help you determine if you want to go ahead with meeting up.

3. Always meet in a public place

We highly recommend that you meet in a public place which is well populated. This is for your safety. We strongly advise against going to each others houses. Only do this if you have met many times and you know each other well.

4. Always let somebody else know where you are going and who you are meeting

Again, this is for your personal safety.

5. Meet in group when appropriate

There is safety in numbers. You may also have more fun in a group.