Live video chat is a great way of getting to know somebody who you have previously corresponded with through private messaging. Currently, group video chat is not currently supported.

Here is how to do it:

On mobile

Step 1 - Go to the profile of the user that you would like to chat to. 

Then click on the video icon as shown below:

Step 2 -Press on the "Invite to live chat" button

Step 3 - Schedule at date and time for the chat

Once you have selected a date and time, press on the "Request Chat" button.

At this point, the other user will get an email and a notification inviting them to have a live chat with you. They can either accept or decline that invitation. While you wait for their response, you will see on your screen.  There is no need to wait on this screen. When you will be notified if the other user accepts or rejects.

The screen gives you the option of change the date and time if you wish. To do this, just press on the 

calendar icon. You also have the option of cancelling the chat by clicking on the "Cancel chat" text.

Step 4 - Launching the chat

If your chat invitation is accepted, you will see a screen that looks like this:

At this point, if the time for the chat has been reached, you will be able to launch the chat. Otherwise you will get a message when you click on the "Launch chat" button that the chat is in the future.

Step 5 - Press the play button (if necessary)

Once in the chatroom, you should see the other user, If you can't see them or they are still, try the following:

a) Press the "Play" button

b) Refresh the screen. 

If you still continue to have problems, click here for more help.

On computer or tablet

The steps for arranging a video chat are very similar to the mobile steps. However, the video chat icon on the profile looks like this: